Izu Southwest Coast 
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Shio Katsuo

Shio katsuo, salted and dried bonito, is a preserved food that has been offered at household Shinto altars for centuries on New Year’s Day, as it is considered a lucky food. They are produced using the ancient traditional method passed down over the generations at Izu Tago, one of the three main regions where katsuobushi is processed. At Izu Tago Port, you can see dried katsuo decorated with sacred rice straw decorations as a charm for safety at sea and bountiful catches, as it is a fishing town that once flourished thanks to its bonito catch. Today, they are only produced for a limited time, from November to January, taking advantage of the unique seasonal breezes of Izu, and are eaten during the New Year period as one of Izu’s seasonal delicacies.